Biological response modifers (BRMs)

BRMs are compounds that are used to treat cancer by altering or augmenting naturally occurring processes within the body. Immunotherapy makes use of BRMs to enhance the activity of the immune system to increase the body’s natural defense mechanisms against cancer.

A specific compound called BRM-SJS effectively controls tumor growth by inhibiting telomerase activity, the activation of which causes cancer cell and tumor growth. BCCGRC has focused its research on the therapeutic activities of BRMs and have developed an effective drug treatment.

As a result, BCCGRC has treated over 42,000 cases of mid- to late-stage cancer. Statistically, our drug treatment has achieved 70% efficacy in halting tumor growth.

The development of our BRM treatment has been in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and requirements in toxicity levels for human drugs. In addition, our treatment produces no known side effects given that our patients adhere to the proper dosage set forth by our prescriptions.

China State Food & Drug Administration License

BCCGRC’s drug treatment has been approved and licensed by the Chinese State FDA to distribute within China. Please visit the official Chinese State FDA website to verify the validity of our license. Simply enter our drug license numbers below on the SFDA website to find relevant information regarding our licensed drugs.

  • License Number Z20060351
  • License Number Z20063008
  • Click here to download a ZIP package that contains our pharmaceutical manufacturing license, as well as screenshots of our drug license numbers taken from the SFDA website outlined above.

Clinical features of BRM treatment

  • Specific treatment mechanism that impels cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death (or apoptosis) and is not harmful to healthy cells
  • Prevents the spread of lymphatic metastasis
  • Effective in controlling bone metastasis by inducing cell-death in cancerous bone cells and aiding the growth of healthy bone cells
  • Controls ascites and fever
  • Controls metastasis of cancer to the brain
  • Effective in the treatment of patients for whom surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy were ineffective
  • Effective in the treatment of liver metastasis and mild jaundice

Scientific reports published on BRM treatment

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